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Rosy I think I just heard people having phone seggs through their car audio
John “Angry Masked Writer” Appel I will never not crank the car stereo as loud as I can stand and start belting along with Brad Delp whenever More Than A Feeling comes up in the shuffle
Darnell 😈 Y’all really did ya thang with these car audio systems 🤝 @HarmanKardon
Lanette When my car speaker goes youngboy to panic at the disco i wonder what people think of me like ???
hailey The car stereo bully is back wish it was legal to throw eggs at him
Traffic Updates + Useful Info VIA @nagawestt: I feel like one of the reasons I might actually get a car aside ease of access is just to play loud music in traffic from the car stereo
muz Not my cousin showing us tiktoks with his phone connected to the car speaker 😭😭😭😭
RESPECT EXISTENCE OR EXPECT RESISTANCE I feel like one of the reasons I might actually get a car aside ease of access is just to play loud music in traffic from the car stereo
RennEleven Just posted a photo @ Car Audio & Security
ZakTheBestDjFurry Car Audio Amplifire System 1)Kanwood KAC-7495 (500Watts 4/3/2 Channel Amplifire 2) Drive Series Crunch usa DS-2400vu 800watts 2channel
Pluto Brown Blew out a car speaker, and just had 3 chapters left in this book-on-tape I was listening to on my commutes... so I bought the actual paperback book and have been reading it as I drive until I get the speaker fixed
RomeEPrix Monil I mean it would have been helpful to have car audio on that replay instead of some funky music 🤷🏻‍♂️ RomeEPrix
Caitlin Hardee Great new tracks. AFI always makes me miss driving - remember wearing out Crash Love in my car stereo, driving too fast across the state on those 5-hour trips to and from college...
Michael Taylor 🧢🖊️🇬🇧🚗🚲 Classic pioneer slide mount car stereo retro £30 Get the app from the Play Store
Kòrèdé of Lagos(MSc) This items came with my Highlander(from America) - 2GR engine ALTERNATOR toks - Pioneer car stereo(usb/Bluetooth/aux) - Jump-cable Which one do you want to buy? ☎️ 07045873983
🏳️‍🌈 • Matty • 👾 IT HAPPENED TO ME: I was watching p*rn on my phone while my mum was out, and then my phone connected to her car stereo as she pulled back into the driveway 🙃
ku I literally called my friends to ask about something with my car audio and then it turned into a three hour conversation about what we should name our YouTube channel bro where does time go
robbie landi🧜🏽‍♂️ I’m glad that more black people are realizing how amazing natasha beddingfield is.. no because she ALWAYS went 1 on this car stereo!
Gene I remember walking to school and hearing nothing but DMX thru every car speaker. Good times in the hood
That One Show With Bryan Combs Some albums were made to be blasted over your car stereo on a pretty day. @carvercommodore
𝗃𝖺𝗇𝖾𝗅𝗅𝖾 𝖻𝗂𝖽𝖾𝗍 Not me catching golden hour alone in a park while boyz II men sing "i’ll make love to you" on a car stereo
megan babey My phone cord disconnected my Spotify from the car stereo for half a second and it went from playing Devo’s Whip It to Charlie Puth’s One Call Away and I’ve never been more disappointed. This is a Charlie Puth hate page
rachel But does it sound good on the car stereo?
Bryan Had my first @ChickfilA for lunch. I quite enjoyed it. Fast food lunch☑️. Blasting “Balls to the Wall” by Accept on the car stereo☑️. My inner teenager rejoicing☑️
Phil Pulling away from the office for the weekend, my car stereo starts playing "Nico Puri♡." This is as things should be. I am at peace
Japiro I used to give my mother her car back and she would turn the car stereo on and it’ll be like “Boom-Boom-Boom, open the door ATF” 😭😭😭 Real Loud 🤣🤣🤣
Evey Anyone know someone that can fix my car speaker ?? Tired of driving with no music 😫
OVERSABI 1 Every car stereo on the streets of New York blasting X’s jamz
DMX RIPDMX Stephen Adly Guirgis Back in the day doing arts education in the 5 boroughs, I remember when DMX owned the streets. Every corner. Every car stereo. Every speaker out every window. That sound. That growl. Those words. That beat. That blast. Like Biggy, he was truly a People’s Champ. RIPDMX
🦅 My Nieghbor is fighting with her bf on her car speaker 😂 thank you sis so I could know both sides
Traffic Updates + Useful Info VIA @reddeesh: If you are on festac/apple junction traffic and Oliver de coque suddenly started playing on your car stereo, I did it.. hope you enjoy my guy 😌
Nnabuike Nwosu If you are on festac/apple junction traffic and Oliver de coque suddenly started playing on your car stereo, I did it.. hope you enjoy my guy 😌
ripdmx DJ Kenny Perez I remember rolling down the windows and blasting X in the car stereo! He battled and fought, but I have to believe he won. ripdmx
HYPER POP SLUT Anybody know any good car audio shops??
Luvly1 So, it really has happened, for real? So sad. I will never forget how when his first hit single hit the streets, it was blaring out of car speaker after speaker. R.I.P.
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JЦƧƬIП BӨYD This better be blaring on everyone’s car stereo today
Ivsy Maybe your dream woman isn’t a model. maybe she’s trying to dislodge a kidz bop 14 cd from her car stereo with a steak knife
Top Gear Finds 3800W 4 Channel Aluminum Alloy Car Audio Amplifier Power Stereo Speaker PowerVox ➤ $ 174.64. ➤
Sallay🪅🪂 🦂🦭 Adjust your car audio settings
yaycourtney Someone drive me home from Orlando tm night so I can see any bit of real friends I have in this state thank u in advance jus tryna see ppl i like and live music without a car stereo + i miss my bestfriend and am baby lol cc @toribaek
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Shirabu Kenjiro (25) ❁ Late night drives with the squad while blasting off Taylor Swift songs in the car stereo. Ah. Therapeutic. /chef kiss 💕
Eastbourne Freegle Offered: car stereo's (Willingdon BN22)
Brendan Porath Windows down with No Surrender blasting over the car stereo, Ian Woosnam pulls into the Waffle House on Washington Road this morning
𝘿𝙤𝙢 Picked this up for the car stereo
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Adam If you have knowledge on car audio like Subs and Amps, hit the dms. I have a few questions
joe rogan roejogan tolkien Do I know anyone versed in analogue circuit diagnostics I have a car audio amp with an intermittent signal, a second on, a second off I just replaced some bad caps and it plays much louder and clearer now, but still intermittently
Madison *rough ryders blasting on car stereo*
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