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Jes Borland I wish I had a mute button for my neighbor's car stereo. I can hear him coming three blocks away.
Olana So I want to buy @JohnFinnemore's brilliant Cabin Pressure A-Z, for my boyfriend's mum's birthday, but it being 2018 they don't own anything that plays CDs (not even their car stereo!) Am I going to have to buy a CD walkman for her too?! Do they even still make those?!
🇨🇦☀️Torchia⛈🇨🇦 The older I get the higher the volume number on my car stereo gets. It’s never a loud enough 🎧
Barry Schanz I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Car Audio Competition Success and Preparation Slip-Ups
Extreme Audio Signal processing is nothing new to car audio. In the ’80s we had stand-alone equalizers, crossovers and even phase-shifting devices — all designed to help your installer make your car audio system sound...
Steve S I’m “used to walk around with a pager and car stereo-face in my pocket,” years old.
AaronB In queso emergency, don't forget to download the Sirius App so you can listen to @juliemason in case you spill your nachos on your car stereo while driving.
Auto Attractions Car Audio / video 2-DIN system. But with full confidence of money back guarantee. Visit us at Auto Attractions Car Accessories online store
XTRONS® 📻 | New Universal Android 8.1 Oreo Car Stereo 🛒 💥 New look, new features, new levels!
Ian Penman DIARY | "16/8/18. Drove to cat supermarket playing Flying Burito Brothers' version of Do Right Woman on car stereo, wiping away tears."
¡ alicia ! One time I was in the car with my best friend and her boss called and fired her over the car speaker ifjdndms
CarAudio Ocala Car Audio Technology allow us to create new and unique entertainment solutions with more and more features. We thought it would be fun to take a quick look at a few important CarAudio technologies throughout history. . . [read more]
StereoSystem SoundSystem Soundiego CarAudioInstallation Soundiego If you want to upgrade your car’s StereoSystem but it seems like a daunting task, we’re about to make it a whole lot more manageable for you. Here are 3 steps to acquiring the SoundSystem of your dreams for your vehicle:
Caterin Camey How to beat the blues 101 Step 48: play la colegiala on your car stereo and do an impromptu cumbia dance off with your lover in the middle of comm ave. 💃🏽🕺🏼
lynn comerford 🇸🇾 The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin sings "Bridge Over Troubled Water" live. Hard to believe she's gone, she'll always live in my heart (and car stereo). via @YouTube
Cheaper Than A Geek Having trouble pairing or connecting a Bluetooth speaker, car stereo, headphones or something else to your phone? Here are some tips to get it working.
android wirelinq GT Plates - Tracy Interesting bit of kit review from the team at @car_witter Might have to give this one a try! android wirelinq
gw2 KDB gunner Fantasy Football Wives Don’t even think about commuting without our podcast ringing in your ears or coming through your car stereo! It’s a good one! We discuss transfers for gw2 esp now KDB is out. Ania’s husband @cptkeeno is our guest who tells us a very unique story of how he came to be a gunner!
The Gormogons GorT: Dremel tool slicing open my hand while trying to install new car stereo.
Daniel Danger If i was going by sheer listens, id say Pianos Become The Teeth - Keep You, or the 'Swiss Army Man' soundtrack by members of Manchester Orchestra. the former didnt leave my car stereo for 8 months and the latter was on loop in my studio for literal weeks.
lil tony. Barbie Dreams & Good Form bump in my car speaker turned all the way !!! Lol
Diatribical Idiot Current car stereo jam CD: Trisha Yearwood self-titled LP
Alex Bertram-Powell Still on Sopranos. Tony shuts off his car stereo just as the riff from Tom Sawyer kicks in. Ruthless
Blue Aran • SMALL SPEAKER • BIG SOUND • The 3FE22 3 inch Neodymium professional woofer has exceptionally flat response from 100 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Suitable for line array speakers, home audio, personal audio and car audio applications. Details and specification >>
Ron Krasnow I bet the Trump n-word tape is jammed in the detachable car stereo of Don Jr's faded red Porsche 944.
Noel Granada I liked a @YouTube video Full Car Audio System Installation - Speakers, Subwoofer and Amplifier
1st Lady DJ X-RAYTED Subwoofer Replacement Selection - Car Audio | | Car Stereo Forum
Isaiah LP De Jesus Official Young_VILE I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Avoid these 5 common Car Audio NOOB Mistakes!
Kevin Terrey Car Audio of Fresno gear...give Matt Penner a call
Lebron Ren Jie The Best Android Car Stereo for Toyota Corolla 2017 2018: via @YouTube
Brandon Sweet I pick my daughter up from work, synthwave blasting on the car stereo. Her: "Hey, I like this!" Then the saxophone kicks in. Her: "I like this a little less."
The Coupon Planet Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit from Go Groopie - - This Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit modernises your car stereo Plug into your car lighter to connect to the cars sound system Sync with your phone to play your music library and take hands-free calls Co...
car audio rock yeg Rock-N-Wash™ Check out this car audio system! Would you rock this? yeg
slamology gaugemagazine indianapolis indiana Gauge Car audio competition , demo , show car, show bike, or motorcycle you build what you love and come show if off at Slamology! slamology slamology gaugemagazine indianapolis indiana…
Ethan Tufts Brad from Radwood just got some new car audio goodies from @ClarionUSA! Now I'm inspired to upgrade the tunes in my Nova! 🔊🔊🔊🔊
Ineffectual Dork Web Look at this absolute unit from the bubble economy. Car stereo that mounts on the ROOF, from National Panasonic.
.. Imagine him playing this over the car speaker. Lol. 🤪
Cali Custom Sounds Are you highly-motivated, passionate about car audio, and looking for a new opportunity with stability and growth potential? If yes, then we want to hear from you! We are now seeking individuals to join our team of installation technicians and sales consultants.
FTS🙏🏾🖤 Great car audio places in Sacramento/Elk Grove?
carstereoshop carstereoceres carstereomanteca windowtinting ProAutoStereoManteca You can find quality installations on all car stereo, alarms and window tinting at both our locations. Call for your quote or questions today. carstereoshop carstereoceres carstereomanteca windowtinting
super saiyan scoop ™ Gonna teach myself how to do car audio
Keri Beevis Am I the only one who...? 1/ Has full blown conversations with my pets as if they're real human beings. 2/ Needs to have the car stereo volume on an even number, because if I don't the world might end or...
Dhruva Balram Blast this from the car stereo
The Coupon Planet In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Kit – 2 Backlight Colours from Go Groopie - - Go hands-free with a In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Kit Transmits phone calls to the car stereo system using an FM frequency Can also play music, and switch to call mod...
Hyundai Lee Hyundai of Florence How cool is this? Hyundai has worked on Car Audio Technology using Separate Sound Zones!
wirelinq android usb car spotify gromaudio "Wirelinq is a black magic" - Carwitter Read full review of Android USB Cable for music, controls and text, at
FunFact cartech autotech MikesAudio Mike's Audio Inc FunFact Mike's Audio is the only electronic store in the Louisiana area to have certified installers and technicians for both the custom home audio and car stereo. cartech autotech MikesAudio
FunFact Mike's Audio FunFact Mike's Audio is the only electronic store in the Louisiana area to have certified installers and technicians for both the custom home audio and car stereo.
veggie boy If you keep your car stereo treble all the way up we can't be friends sorry
Jim Click Kia It's a familiar argument for families. Dad wants to listen to a podcast, mom has her favorite pop station, and the kids want to...
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