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Future thinking ideas A car audio system that senses when your car slows down and turns the music down accordingly
ï From home arranged ver on car speaker while driving 💯💯💯🥺
❤️ ktb ❤️ If the background music on your @stitcher podcasts sounds distorted it’s because the playback speed is slightly off, ie 0.99x or 1.01x. You can play with toggle bar or use 3rd party controls like Apple Watch or car audio to reset to 1x. Hope this helps!
Kòrèdé of Lagos(MSc) This items came with my Highlander(from America) - 2GR engine ALTERNATOR toks - Pioneer car stereo(usb/Bluetooth/aux) - Jump-cable - 75amps battery x 1unit - 10 Dozens of wardrobe hanger(s) Which one do you want ? ☎️ 07045873983
Job in Estonia Software Architect (m/f/d) Car Audio, Tallinn -
Gunshots And Docs 💖💛💙 Car speaker twitter I have a question
Jay King 🔱💮 My new screen car stereo head unit finally came in ❤️
j e s s ✨ Idk why I thought I could install my own car audio deck, but here we are, wires and all
autoconnector carconnector connectorforcar Langrun Electric Speaker is very important part in the audio system for every car. In addition to the quality and design of the speaker, the quality of the speaker connector and wiri...
twelve comma five Doing my first official car audio install tomorrow. I'm so pumped 😁😁😁😁
Jimmy Bosse I love that I can listen to most of the songs that exist but not having the same CD in my car stereo for months at a time means I don't really bond with any music the way I used to
taryn Nothing feels better than the bass of your car stereo shaking u to the core
Fidgety Giblets Fitted a car stereo in the cooper last night, literally took me 2 minutes and bingo,i now has tunes in me car =)
jas An oil change and a new car stereo for self care today
Custom Tint & Sound When you make changes to your car audio system, do you test the sound with a specific song? If so, tell us the song and why you use it as a test track in the comments! High-end branded car audio systems: Are they worth the money?
Woman of Mercy How did you finish speaking in true tongues for 30 mins and 5 mins later I saw you,nodding to ‘Davido’ on your car stereo going to the hospital because you are sick??? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Bathtub Barracuda 5pm me and 5am me are two totally different people. My car stereo volume should know that and adjust appropriately every morning
antidot When u buy a new car stereo and pwned myself in the process
Matt Irasga 🇵🇭 Which car audio speaker brand do you prefer?
Opera Cake🍫 Next time someone asks me to connect my phone to the car speaker Imma play solely lagu wajib nasional
HaveFun pawing at straws Someone outside is slammin on a big booming car stereo, and the best part is, noone seems to care, i certainly dont HaveFun
Derrick Lynn Hamblin I even put together a car stereo system
Kevin Packard I grudgingly gave up the car stereo to my 15 year old. To my delight, she played Grover Washington Jr., and then Coldplay. ❤️❤️
Robbie Elias You are an audio person, what do you think about this car stereo?
HollyHoodNJ Who said stop complaint about this versus sound !! That’s how ya car stereo sound 😂😂
Paul Peace Industry Jokes – Car Audio: A hairdresser wanted to make her car audio louder. Sadly, she used volumizer
𝚊𝚛𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚒 This ain’t loud enough for me , i need a car speaker in my earsss
Mac Daddy™🇯🇲 Sounds like Handsfree link in the car audio bae
Jeronicus Jangle™ Why it sound like she on a car stereo??
imani I can’t STAND kneegrows, this dude’s car stereo is so loud it feels like there’s an earthquake
BYTESHiFTed AF I don't tweet about car audio stuff much, but it's something I dabble in. I also did it for a living, many years ago. For a while, I've been dissatisfied with the sound of the 6.5" midbass drivers in my front doors
StartingOver Kim The latest @ChrisStapleton album sounds incredible with the car stereo cranked up and the windows down. StartingOver
sammy🚧 I had a dream that bernie sanders kept trying to steal my car stereo
TJ 🦚🇵🇱 (Randal_Graves) Anyone know a good car audio place in Vegas ?
I don't have sense 🍷 THIS...on a really great car stereo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sunshine I know my car stereo is sick of me blasting me & u every day at 6 am 😭😭 i cant help it
Jarfon Smorth Lil tossing a car stereo like a discus
mary America gets a restart, clean gas in the tank and great music on the car stereo! Sun is put. Top is down and the feeling that the world is right and good. We got this. Joe and Kamala have got this! LOVE did conquer hate. Right overcame wrong and it’s just Day 2.
Derek Barrera AI What i would wire my car stereo to play a 3.5 mm jack input, because it lacks one, these are shipping finally
Chloe Huggins I just wanna put someone on to my trap music on a decent car speaker,, sharing it w my 23 year old brother isn’t the same 😔
Kristin Fortuna 12, seeing Dierks Bentley’s name on the car stereo display: Ohhhh!! All this time, I thought it was Dierk Spentley, not Dierks Bentley! 😮🤯 Me: You have got to be kidding me. Her: No! I really thought people were saying Dierk Spentley! Me:
noora❀ How do i connect my phone to the car audio/stereo
Skee-Ball Librarian It's 7am on South Street and someone is blasting Miley Cyrus's The Climb on their car stereo... Here we go, America!
remy the enchanter 💥 It was an experience playing screaming and farting compilation full volume on the car speaker while stuck in auckland traffic
carstereo autoaudio caraudio stereo loud Wholesale & Dropship | Car Audio | Pro Audio | DJ Attn Car Audio People! Start your own car audio business easily with just a tax id. We show you how. carstereo autoaudio caraudio stereo loud
Max I'm a menace with the car stereo
G The people who have the loudest car audio systems have the worst taste in music.....
XTRONS® We are grateful to see the compliments from our USA customer Nguyen Van. He is very satisfied with XTRONS PST10ACHN_L car stereo and customer service. Customer satisfaction is a great encouragement to us. Leave your comments to help us become better and better. 😜
Swagamemnon Buying breakfast meant that we got to go back to my favorite place the cat cafe with no cats and I got pancakes that were so delicious and won two games of gin rummy while we ate then we hit the road for an entire day of driving with no car stereo
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