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stocks news mercedes Jase Jones Ticker symbol $LIZI Lizhi launches its in-car audio product in Mercedes Benz S-Class cars
DanO 🕙 You know what's really cool? When it's 4:12am and someone is blasting their car stereo so loud that you can hear it juuuuuust fine from your hotel room on the 7th floor. It went on till almost 5:00am. 😒😴
geminimars tsquare venus ilovethissong 𝖍𝖚𝖓ɬ𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖘 Someone driving around with their phone hooked up to their car speaker with just a busy signal blasting is vibes geminimars tsquare venus ilovethissong
Alexei Time to listen to stayin' alive in my car speaker for the 10000000th time
moulaaa🌙 Every time i go to a tinting or car audio store its always owned by some white guy who looks like action bronson😂
_ʲᵒ𓂀 This cd is currently in my car stereo. Best of the best out of their album in my opinion
Doink Waldorf If you know you were the one that just sped pass red light at Ago Roundabout now. I saw your brown teeth like that of Milo. Rats will eat your car stereo!!! Birds will poop on your windshield after you must have washed it cleAn! 😩
Kòrèdé of Lagos(MSc) This items came with my Highlander(from America) - 2GR engine ALTERNATOR toks - Pioneer car stereo(usb/Bluetooth/aux) - Jump-cable - 8 Dozens of wardrobe hanger(s) Which one do you want to buy? ☎️ 07045873983
rybot blackinton My car stereo is broken so I’ve just been thinking while I drive and I’ve almost had to pull over to collect myself twice
Idris I want to make it out the hood so i can buy my mom a massive car stereo system to annoy the (white) neighbors with
Darren Listen to music through the car stereo hit better. Have you giving a concert for 30min in your driveway after your commute
Madam M I’m totally winning the school pick up car stereo wars. Their bad commercial FM is no match for my Echo and the Bunnymen!
Teddy Kitano Never release a track without passing the car speaker test!! 🚙🔊
FLAVA D Sometimes a car speaker will tell you more about your mixdown than some expensive monitors 😅
Finn BREAKING: it is rude to be on speakerphone, or car speaker phone (speaCAR phone), while in a drive-thru
𝘭𝘶𝘯𝘢 There’s a part of my life when I did graffiti art and I forgot about it completely until passin me by by the pharcyde came over my car speaker
JAETIDDIES SAYS WAYV COMEBACK AND TEN BDAY💚💚 I’m going to connect my phone to the car speaker and play kick it at full volume to see what my mom does
Ashley Strawser Was about to get out of the car but the car parked next to me is having a heated convo over the car speaker so imma stay here and listen
tapehead cassettetapes Rust Belt Progressive Just upgraded my car stereo from the CD only to the Duo Tape/CD model. It's a whole new world 😎 tapehead cassettetapes
yann My car stereo doesn’t have bluetooth or aux so i just be listening to my swimming cd EVERY MF DAY but it’s making me anxious cuz what if i get tired of listening to mac...thAT GON BREAK MY HEART
Casey🐣 I was listening to Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers but the Elvis cover and my broken car speaker started working again right on the uplifting "My love, my darling" and anyway it healed my SOUL
Alicia De Ochoa Anyone know where I can get my car speaker fixed 🥲
Pioneer backup_camera car caraddicts stereo Motorist Care The Pioneer AVH-X4700BS is a nice high-end car stereo and DVD player that comes bundled with a backup_camera. The camera offers a 170-degree wide-angle view but does not have bright lights to help with nighttime illumination. car caraddicts stereo
hagliacci It finally happened. Someone blaring out decent music from their car stereo. It’s My Life by Talk Talk. Thank you, stranger
Stephen I kinda wish someone would steal my neighbor's car stereo. Like, Is your home so bad that you have to sit in your car 2 hours a day giving the neighborhood a headache?
behindthecurtain it’s a chip ‘n’ dip Behindthecurtain my car audio set up
Les 🌷 Hit a bump in the road driving to work & front left car speaker started working again! Hashtag WINNING 👊🏻
hashtag4 Buyerbal Hashtag4 Car audio Repair Tool Car Clip rivet fastener door Panel Trim Removal Tool Auto Interior Disassembly Tools Car Pry Removal Tool
Erik Tweeting from my car stereo currently going 100 feeling ruthless 😈
The Cut “Zizmorcore is selling the wildest fantasy of all: that anybody can live a regular life here. Find love, raise a family, and buy a removable car stereo at J&R Computer World.” @stellabugbee takes a look at the trend taking over New York style
:.☣🇲🇭 "Nobody told you that I was done, Patrick. I never told you to invest everything at KFC. You could get lucky without reaching my car stereo to empty the ashtray of its original content..."
dee Playing my iIIegaIy downloaded 12:00 album on the car stereo 😔
AC I really love the new Skoda Rapid plus which I got hold of in January. What is not nice though is I am still having to wait for my car audio to be fitted for more than a month @SkodaIndia. Please help and expedite
Reid 2008-2015 hype rap was the peak era of car audio y’all remember tryna figure out the perfect song to play as you pull into the student parking lot?
webdesign Nextwave Concepts Trying to wrap up some work on a car audio website and a baseball website tonight. Another client needs some raffle info added to their site and I've got some testing to do on another one. webdesign
🥀✨ Looking at reviews for a car audio shop and
irish american I’ve finally found a sound more compressed and blown out than my car stereo: the lifelock customer service hold music
Kailee🕺 This is a song that I will foreverrrr vibe too. Something about it over my car speaker 😭
celia ☻︎ STREAM TFFA Normalize listening to lp1 through airpods while your mom plays vivaldi on the car speaker
pedro andrade As the weather gets warmer and @porterrobinson’s something comforting plays on my car reminded that things aren’t half bad
The Cut “Zizmorcore is selling the wildest fantasy of all: that anybody can live a regular life here. Find love, raise a family, and buy a removable car stereo at J&R Computer World.” @stellabugbee takes a look at the trend taking over New York style
erin My mom only communicates with me in blurry photos of songs on her car stereo and I think that’s beautiful
CarStereoShop CarStereoSystems StocktonStereoShops Sound Revolution Trying to get rid of your old car stereo? Sound Revolution is here to help!
Kapet Joseph Get your Amplifiers, Crossovers, Epicenters, Head Units etc repaired. 🔊✔ Results in 1 week.🗓 Quality Workmanship!👌💯 📱 716-7664 📍 Ciceron NB: Car audio only. No phones, laptops or game consoles. Exceptions may vary
Sanford Sound Sometimes all you need to do is replace one component of your audio system. Here is an overall look at how it works.
Cudi #BG Do any of my followers know car stereo systems well? I'm tryna put a system in my car again but wanna make sure I get the most for my $
Amy Ferrell The birds are singing. The birds are singing! I had to turn off my car stereo for this.
Alan Bradley Social media analytics just show how strange social media is. This is a picture of an old car stereo and the numbers are, to me, pretty remarkable. [Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t work. Yet.]
James Tanner Hey @PioneerUK I have an SPH-230DAB bought in 2018. It’s worked perfectly since I’ve had it, until today. Suddenly it won’t power on. All fuses checked (car & stereo) and fine. Voltage check on acc and perm both show correct voltage. No flat battery etc. Any ideas?
Coast 101.1 Bill & Carolyn - Remember when getting your car stereo stolen was your biggest worry?