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Feb 27, 2014

Bose Presents New Centerpoint Surround Sound System For The 2015 Cadillac Escalade

Today, Bose announces its most advanced sound system ever for a Cadillac vehicle. The all-new Bose Centerpoint surround sound system has been precisely designed and tuned for the 2015 Cadillac Escalade. Combining the latest Bose technologies with 16 strategically placed speakers, the Bose system delivers a new level of audio performance for Cadillac’s most luxurious SUV to date.

“Cadillac has done a remarkable job integrating luxury, craftsmanship and advanced technology in the next-generation Escalade — and we’ve worked to ensure that our sound system meets this high standard,” said Marc Mansell, general manager of the Bose Automotive Systems Division. “The Bose Centerpoint system for the 2015 Escalade represents our best engineering and collaboration capabilities, resulting in a listening experience that you won’t find in other large SUVs — optimizing the audio for every row and every seat.”

Bose Centerpoint Surround Sound System for the 2015 Escalade

Bose Centerpoint Surround Sound System for the 2015 Escalade

Bose Centerpoint Surround Sound System for the 2015 Escalade consists of sixteen high-performance speakers and system electronics unit:

  1. Two 1-inch (25mm) tweeters, one in each mirror patch.
  2. Two 2.5-inch (60mm) Twiddler® mid/high-range speakers, one on each side of the instrument panel.
  3. One 3.5-inch (90mm) Twiddler mid/high-range speaker, positioned in the center of the instrument panel.
  4. Two 2.5-inch (60mm) Twiddler mid/high-range speakers, one in each front door.
  5. Two 6 x 9-inch (150 x 230nnnn) woofers, one in each front door.
  6. Two 5.25-inch (130nnm) wide-range speakers, one in each rear door.
  7. Two 1-inch (25mm) tweeters, one in each rear door.
  8. Two 2.5-inch (60mm) Twiddler mid/high-range speakers, one in each D-pillar.
  9. One high-performance 5.25-inch (130mm) Richbass® woofer in a 10-liter (external volume) custom-engineered enclosure, mounted under the front center console.
  10. A Bose digital amplifier mounted below the cargo area with Centerpoint 2 signal processing circuitry • SurroundStage'signal processing circuitry • AudioPilot® 2 noise compensation technology • Advanced Staging Technology •11channels of equalization and digital signal processing

    The system also includes an AudioPilot system microphone mounted inside the cabin. 

The Bose Centerpoint sound system includes new speaker designs and electronics that significantly improve audio performance over the previous Escalade.

It starts with Bose Advanced Staging Technology, applied for the first time in a Cadillac, to create a wider, more spacious sound stage — like the experience of sitting front row at a live concert. Through a combination of Bose proprietary signal processing and five Twiddler speakers placed across the forward cabin, music is reproduced with exceptional precision and clarity; vocals are centered, instruments are positioned to the left and right, and the sound stage is more expansive than ever before.

The Bose Centerpoint surround sound system for the new Escalade builds on a history of innovation between Bose and Cadillac spanning more than three decades.

For a surround-sound experience across all rows in the Escalade, Bose applied Centerpoint 2.0 signal processing. Centerpoint 2.0 uses a proprietary Bose algorithm to analyze the stereo signal and convert it into multiple channels, enabling greater detail when reproducing music from nearly any source, including AM/FM or satellite radio, CDs and digital music files.

Bose SurroundStage signal processing circuitry ensures a balanced, 360-degree sound field for each seating position, and compensates for off-center vehicle seating, so everyone in the vehicle experiences full immersion.

Bose AudioPilot 2.0 technology preserves the audio experience, using a microphone in the cabin that monitors and adjusts music levels to compensate for vehicle speed and unwanted noise from the road. AudioPilot operates automatically — there’s no need for manual adjustments.

Finally, the system is powered by a highly efficient Bose digital amplifier mounted below the rear cargo area, featuring 11 channels of equalization for premium performance with minimal distortion.

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