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Jan 23, 2010

Alpine Adds CDA-117, CDE-103BT and CDE-100 To 2010 CD Head Units Lineup

With many consumers looking to get more mileage out of their current vehicles, simple upgrades to their existing sound systems make it possible to add their favorite entertainment sources, and keep their cars up-to-date with the latest technology. Alpine offers three new in-dash CD head units for 2010 that allow consumers to integrate their favorite digital media and entertainment options to get the most out of their time behind the wheel.

Alpine CDA-117

Alpine CDA-117

Offering connectivity to iPod®, iPhone®, satellite radio, HD Radio™ and Bluetooth® wireless technology, the new head units enable consumers to create a high-quality system that fits their entertainment desires. The new CDA-117, CDE-103BT and CDE-100, and current CDA-105, CDE-102 and IVA-D106 models offer consumers a wide range of options to suit their sound, connectivity and budget requirements.

“The demand for staying connected with digital sources on the road gets stronger every year. Not all consumers have the connectivity options to do this, but Alpine offers several head unit upgrade options to fit a wide variety of needs and budgets to bring all of their favorite entertainment devices into their vehicles,” said Mike Anderson, assistant vice president, sales and marketing, Alpine Electronics.

CDA-117 CD/MP3/WMA/AAC Receiver

As a “Made for iPod®” and “Works with iPhone™” device, the unit offers full support for access and control of iPod music from the head unit, including on-screen display of song information and the Percentage Search function, which takes the iPod music library and divides it evenly into six groups to match the six present buttons for quick, easy file navigation. The KCU-440i Full Speed™ for iPod cable is included for direct iPod and iPhone connection, control and charging.

The CDA-117 also supports iTunes® Tagging functionality when used with the Alpine TUA-T550HD HD Radio Tuner (sold separately). When users hear a song they like on an HD Radio station that is broadcasting metadata, they can “Tag” the song by pressing and holding the “Enter” button on the head unit. Information about these Tagged songs is transferred to the iPod. The next time the iPod is connected to the computer, iTunes automatically presents the songs in a new Tagged playlist so the user has the option to preview, buy and download the songs from iTunes, if desired. The CDA-117 can also support iTunes Tagging from FM radio stations that broadcast RDS (Radio Data System) information.

Consumers can add Bluetooth wireless technology by adding on the Alpine KCE-400BT Bluetooth Interface Module (sold separately, additional cables may be required). The KCE-400BT is powered by Parrot and lets consumers conduct hands-free phone conversations that are played through the vehicle’s sound system, making it safer and much more convenient to make calls while behind the wheel. Users can view and control their phone book and call information on the head unit’s display. The module offers wide phone compatibility and can be updated to support future phone models and features A2DP audio streaming.

The CDA-117 is engineered for top-quality sound, making it the ideal head unit for the car audio enthusiast. The unit’s crossover, time correction, equalization and built-in 18W RMS x 4 amplifier (at CEA-2006 Power Ratings) optimize the sound output. A 24-bit Burr-Brown DAC ensures all digital sources are converted accurately. The full 156 x 38 resolution BioLite™ display makes it easy to view all sources and information. The CDA-117 also connects with the Alpine PXA-H100 IMPRINT® Audio Processor (sold separately) to allow for automated sound tuning.

The KTP-445 Head Unit Power Pack (sold separately) also can be added for higher power output and more dynamic response. The KTP-445 is small enough to fit behind the head unit in the dash of most vehicles. It amplifies the head unit’s power output, resulting in a 150 percent power increase over the head unit’s built-in power. The KTP-445’s advanced digital design provides a clean power output with very high efficiency, making the bass tighter and the highs clearer.

As a “Made for iPod®” and “Works with iPhone™” device, the unit offers full support for access and control of iPod music from the head unit, including on-screen display of song information and the Percentage Search function, which takes the iPod music library and divides it evenly into six groups to match the six present buttons for quick, easy file navigation.

CDE-103BT CD Receiver With Built-In Bluetooth Wireless Technology

The new CDE-103BT CD/MP3/WMA/AAC 1-DIN receiver has a Bluetooth wireless technology module powered by Parrot built into the unit for integrated hands-free support with full mobile phone access and wide phone compatibility. Users can easily connect to their Bluetooth wireless technology-enabled device and answer and place phone calls by simply pressing the “Phone” button on the receiver’s faceplate. The conversation is then played through the vehicle’s sound system. Phone book and call information can be shown on the head unit’s LCD display, including Missed Calls, Dialed Calls and Received Calls. Caller ID is available if the caller is already entered in the phone book.

The CDE-103BT also can be updated to support upcoming new phone models; future software and other upgrades can be downloaded and installed via a PC and the wireless Bluetooth wireless technology connection.

The CDE-103BT uses Alpine’s “Full Speed” connection for iPod, iPhone connectivity (Alpine KCE-433iV cable required). As a “Made for iPod” and “Works with iPhone” device, the unit features full iPod search capabilities, including search by Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Podcasts, Audiobooks and Composers. The CDE-103BT also has a USB port and AUX input on the front faceplate to access music from USB memory sticks, portable hard drivers, or other portable players. It has a built-in amplifier with CEA-2006 power rating of 18W RMS x 4.

CDE-100 CD/MP3/WMA/AAC Receiver

The budget-friendly CDE-100 is an entry-level unit that features two front ports: a USB port and auxiliary (AUX) input. The USB port makes it easy to access music from USB memory sticks or portable hard drives and has a dust cover to close the port when not in use. The front AUX port (3.5mm mini jack) can be used to connect a portable MP3 player via its headphone jack. The unit’s Music Scan feature makes is possible to search for music quickly by using the rotary volume knob for USB menu searching.

It has a built-in amplifier of 18W RMS x 4 at CEA-2006 power ratings. Users may adjust the built-in equalizer to select from six different EQ modes (Flat, Rock, Pop, Vocal, Jazz or Club) to get the best sound from their sources.

CDA-105 CD/MP3/WMA/AAC Receiver

The CDA-105 is a full-featured receiver that is ideal for building a custom sound system. In addition to CD playback, the unit is fully optimized for iPod and iPhone use. The CDA-105 uses a digital USB connection for high-speed iPod or iPhone file access and data transmission (Alpine KCU-440i cable required). It has full iPod search capabilities, including search by Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Podcasts, Audiobooks and Composers. USB thumb drives and hard drives also can be connected to this USB input.

The Quick Search feature can find songs fast from large music libraries. After pushing the Quick Search button on the CDA-105’s faceplate, the rotary knob is used to choose a search by Playlist, Album, Artist or Song. Once the search criteria is selected, the Percentage Search function is used to divide the music library into six equal segments, with each segment assigned to one of the six preset buttons, for fast access within the music library.

Built on Alpine’s proprietary Ai-NET platform, the CDA-105 can connect to a wide variety of digital entertainment options for a robust, custom audio system. Available sources include HD Radio with iTunes Tagging and multicasting and satellite radio. (Separate tuners, adapters and subscriptions required.) The built-in “Phone” button on the head unit offers easy one-touch access to a paired Bluetooth wireless technology phone or device for hands-free phone calls. (Alpine KCE-400BT Bluetooth Interface Module required, sold separately.) Discerning audio enthusiasts also can enjoy customized sound, faster, with the addition of the Alpine PXA-H100 IMPRINT Audio Processor (sold separately).

The CDA-105 boasts a multi-bit DAC for premium sound quality even when using iPod as a source, as well as a built-in 18W RMS x 4 amplifier (at CEA-2006 Power Ratings), HP crossover and three sets of pre-outs. It has a two-line dot matrix LCD display.

CDE-102 CD/MP3/WMA/AAC Receiver

The CDE-102 CD receiver features a front panel USB port and a front panel auxiliary mini-jack input, making it ideal for consumers looking for an integrated solution for music playback from a memory stick, portable hard drive or portable music player. “Made for iPod” and “Works with iPhone” connectivity, as well as Bluetooth wireless technology features from the convenient “Phone” button on the head unit, allow for easy integration of these additional sources (Separate cables and modules required.) It has a built-in 18W RMS x 4 amplifier (at CEA-2006 power ratings), high-pass crossover and two sets of pre-outs.

IVA-D106 1-DIN Mobile Multimedia Station

For those consumers who want a screen-based display but only have a 1-DIN space in the dash, the IVA-D106 meets this need. The IVA-D106 is a 1-DIN unit with a 7-inch touch screen that motorizes out from the chassis. It plays CD/DVD and has built-in 18W RMS x 4 power (at CEA-2006 power ratings). It can handle add-on sources such as satellite radio, HD Radio and Bluetooth wireless technology. (Separate tuners, adapters and subscription required.)

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