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Oct 5, 2010

Kicker Introduces Z-Series Speaker-Level Signal Cable Adapter (ZISL)

The innovative KICKER Z-Series Speaker-Level Signal Cable Adapter (model name ZISL) simplifies the installation process and is the latest implement from KICKER to be considered a “must-have” among an audio installer’s tools of the trade.

The half-meter-long, 2-channel ZISL adapter seamlessly connects left-and-right speaker wires running from a source unit’s high-level outputs to an amplifier’s RCA inputs, using its own RCA connectors. The user must cut and strip speaker wires to insert into the ZISL end, but it requires no more additional rigging. There is absolutely no need for raw RCA connectors or solder to complete the project.

Kicker ZISL

Kicker ZISL

Like all KICKER Z-Series Interconnects, its silver-molded RCA ends utilize strain relief for long-lasting dependability and are easily identified by color. They also contain sure-grip, gold-plated collars for an ultra-secure connection and split center pins for maximum signal transfer. Supreme signal clarity is a result of the Z-Series’ silver-tinned, oxygen-free copper wire which utilizes twisted-pair technology to eliminate inducted noise and interference.

KICKER ZISL Speaker-Level Signal Cable Adapter Features

  • 2-channel speaker-level signal cable adapter
  • Connection for left-and-right speaker wires from source unit
  • RCAs for connection to amplifier
  • 0.5 meters length
  • Silver-tinned, oxygen-free copper wire
  • Twisted-pair and Hyper-Flex technologies
  • RCAs with gold-plated collars and split center pins
  • Silver-molded RCAs with color-coded strain relief
  • MSRP $14.95

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