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Jan 22, 2010

Alpine Expands Marine Line Up With New Waterproof Head Unit CDA-118M

Having the right boating equipment is vital to having a great experience on the water – and that includes entertainment essentials. Answering that call for superior marine audio systems, Alpine today announced the latest addition to the company’s high-powered, rugged marine offerings, the CDA-118M 1.8-DIN head unit with IPx5 water protection. With the addition of the new CDA-118M to Alpine’s existing robust marine line up of head units, digital amplifiers, speakers, a subwoofer and remote controls, boaters have the flexibility to build a complete custom sound system to suit their needs.

Alpine CDA-118M

Alpine CDA-118M

Alpine marine products are specifically engineered to withstand use and time in the marine environment. The full line up is designed to work together for maximum performance and durability. All of the products are marine certified and can stand up to abuse from water, salt and sun. All Alpine marine products go through American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) tests for ASTM B117 salt spray/fog, as well as ASTM G154/D4329 UV resistance. The CDA-118 and marine speakers, subwoofer and remote commanders also are tested for water intrusion, as set by the National Electronics Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards. The remote controls are NEMA tested for water and dust intrusion.

The marine line up makes it easy to create a system that works best for the user and the boat’s layout. Boaters can create everything from a simple system with a head unit, remote control and two pairs of speakers, to a complex system consisting of a head unit, remote control kit, three amplifiers, two subwoofers and four pairs of speakers to really get the party going.

Marine Head Units

The CDA-118M is a winner of a CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Award for the In-Vehicle/Audio category and of the Innovation Award/OEM Electronics & Electronics System category from IBEX 2009 (International Boat Builders’ Exhibition & Conference). The CDA-118M is engineered specifically for the marine environment. It is NEMA rated at IPx5, meaning it can resist water intrusion. Its waterproof design, stainless steel chassis and UV/salt/fog resistant materials help protect the unit to keep it looking and working like new. The skip-resistant CD mechanism also is engineered to take the pounding forces common in all boats on the water, while its 1.8-DIN size fits most standard boat mounting configurations.

The CDA-118M’s two-line LCD display with large text is designed to be easily viewable in bright sunlight. This display also provides easy access to song information for the unit’s multiple sources. Four large, backlit buttons allow direct, one-touch source access to the most popular audio sources for boaters: iPod®/USB, Satellite Radio, CD and Tuner/Source. The large rotary knob controls volume for two zones, and also is used to quickly search for songs. These user interface functions make the CDA-118M extremely easy to use, even while the boat is in motion.

The dual-zone volume control allows the user to adjust the volume in the main listening area independently of a secondary area, such as a cruiser’s private cabin or tower speakers on a wakeboard boat. This makes it possible to set the volume higher in open areas where boaters might be competing with external engine noises and other ambient sounds.

The CDA-118M offers superior playback of iPod/iPhone® music, a popular and hassle-free music source for boaters, and meets the specifications for “Made for iPod®” and “Works with iPhone™” compatibility. The unit’s fast iPod connectivity and file navigation via the included USB cable connection for iPod/iPhone and the Percentage Search function make it possible to navigate through large music libraries quickly. The CDA-118M is also an ideal unit for satellite radio, another popular audio source for boaters (separate tuners and subscriptions required). When connected to satellite radio, the CDA-118M can be used to search by artist, song, genre or channel in real time.

Boaters can create everything from a simple system with a head unit, remote control and two pairs of speakers, to a complex system consisting of a head unit, remote control kit, three amplifiers, two subwoofers and four pairs of speakers to really get the party going.

The unit has a wide array of connectivity options making it possible to easily integrate multiple sources into the boat, including HD Radio™, Bluetooth® wireless technology connectivity for hands-free calling or music streaming, USB mass storage devices and DVD changers, all controlled by Alpine’s user-friendly interface. (Separate adapters and/or subscriptions required.)

Also available in the marine head unit line up are the iDA-X100M and the CDA-9886M. Both units offer superior playback of iPod and satellite radio. The iDA-X100M Digital Media Receiver delivers a fully integrated iPod and satellite radio experience, and is based on Alpine’s award-winning in-vehicle iPod interface. The 2.2-inch full color TFT screen displays artist, album details, track information and album art (if available) from the iPod via the included USB iPod cable.

The CDA-9886M is a robust CD-R/-RW/MP3/AAC/WMA head unit with simplified, fast iPod connectivity and file navigation via the included KCE-422i Full Speed™ Connection for iPod cable and the Percentage Search function. Both the CDA-9886M and the iDA-X100M can connect to various digital media sources, including HD Radio, satellite radio, USB mass storage devices and DVD changers. (Separate adapters and/or subscriptions required.) Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free calling also is available for both the CDA-9886M and iDA-X100M. (Separate adapter and compatible device required.)

Marine Digital Amplifiers, Speakers And Subwoofer

Alpine offers a variety of amplifiers and speakers to fit myriad boating set ups. Alpine’s powerful 5-channel digital PDX amplifier combines a small, uniform design with superb fidelity and maximized output power control. As a 5-channel amplifier, the PDX-5M enables sound quality enthusiasts to build a complete sound system powered by just one PDX amplifier. It delivers 75 watts to each full-range channel and 300 watts to the subwoofer for loud, dynamic sound on the open water. With extremely high efficiency at all power levels, the PDX-5M puts less strain on the boat’s electrical system while still providing precise, powerful sound.

Alpine extends the PDX series’ super-efficient digital architecture and compact, stackable form factor with the PDX-1.600M 600-watt mono and PDX-4.100M 4-channel power density digital amplifiers. These amplifiers run efficiently, making them well suited for a day of playing the sound system with the engine off while at the beach or a dock.

Alpine’s marine speaker line up includes the SPR-M70, SPR-M700 and SPS-M600. The easy-to-install Type-R SPR-M70 7-inch component speakers sport an efficient titanium dome tweeter and 7-inch woofer for clear, loud sound output in open-air environments. The Type-R SPR-M700 7-inch coaxial speakers boast huge bass response and crisp highs. The Type-S SPS-M600 6.5-inch coaxial speakers sound great and are an easy upgrade for factory boat speakers.

The SWR-M100 10-inch marine subwoofer has a high excursion for deep, high-output bass. It can be installed in either sealed or baffle applications, allowing for a wide variety of installation options in the boat, such as under a bench seat, without sacrificing sound quality. The Alpine marine speakers and subwoofer are waterproof (NEMA iPx5) and have Centrex UV resistant grills.

Marine Commanders And Remote Controls

Alpine offers several remote control options for boaters to control their systems from just about anywhere on the vessel. The new MC20 Wireless Marine Commander kit includes one RF transceiver that plugs into the back of the Alpine marine head unit, and one MC2 wireless remote commander for system control and display information. The MC20 is ideal for use with the new CDA-118M head unit because it offers dual zone volume controls. It also supports the iDA-X100M and CDA-9886M, as well as any additional sources such as iPod, HD Radio and satellite radio (additional sources and subscription fees required, sold separately).

The MC2 has volume and sub level controls and a back-lit, full dot matrix display that shows metadata (such as album, artist and song information). Additional MC2 remotes (sold separately) can be added to an existing system and installed in various places for flexible sound system control. Each extra MC2 remote has a unique RF (radio frequency) ID so that it does not interfere with another adjacent MC20 system.

Alpine also offers the MC10 Wireless Marine Commander Kit and MC1 wireless remote commander. These units support many of the same features of the MC20 and MC2, but do not offer the dual-zone controls.

Boaters who prefer a handheld remote control system may choose the RUE-M1RF Remote Control for Marine Applications. The RUE-M1RF consists of a receiver and remote transmitter with a 100-feet range. The system can handle up to eight extra remotes (RUE-M1EX, sold separately) and the remotes will float if dropped in the water. These handheld remotes also are compatible with the MC10 and MC20 systems.

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