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Mar 2, 2011

Polk Audio Debuts New High Performance DXi Speakers And PA Amps

Polk Audio is pumping up the output for road warriors and boating enthusiasts with two new series of mobile audio models that are designed to please the most demanding audio enthusiasts.

Beginning in late January, Polk Audio will deliver the new DXi series of 12 volt speakers, improving upon current standards for sonic output in mobile and marine environments. Similarly, the new PA Digital Amplifier line features four ultra-compact, high efficiency models that are equally comfortable on land and sea.

Polk Audio PA D5000.5

Polk Audio PA D5000.5

"We worked long and hard on taking what is currently available to mobile audio enthusiasts before raising the bar several-fold," comments Mark Suskind, Polk Audio’s Vice President of Product Line Management. "Both the new DXi and PA lines prove that true high performance audio can be achieved in the most challenging environments, and at prices that won’t break the bank."

DXi Speakers

Upping the Ante on the Best in the Business DXi mobile/marine speakers are tuned to play loud enough to overcome boat and auto engines, with depth and detail that are typically associated with Polk’s most popular home models. Every one of the new models features one order HP and LP filters to reduce distortion to an inaudible minimum, while maximizing each product’s sonic output.

In order to make the new DXi models impervious to harsh environments, PP cones and butyl rubber surrounds are UV-treated, and aluminum grilles are guaranteed not to corrode in marine environments.

The new DXi line is comprised of four distinct models, including:

  • 5-inch full range DXi5000 (SRP: $109.95/pair)
  • 5 1/4-inch component with 1-inch tweeter DXi5250 (SRP: $209.95/system) and 6 1/2-inch Slim Mount (SRP: $119.95/pair)
  • DXi1000 1-inch tweeter ($119.95/pair).

In addition, an 8-inch subwoofer and dual-loaded subwoofer box will be introduced in Q2.

PA Digital Amps - The Ultimate Statement of Power and Efficiency

Being introduced in tandem with Polk Audio’s DXi speakers are the company’s new PA digital amplifiers. As described by Suskind: "PA amps will fit into the tightest spaces, but their output is anything but compact."

All four PA amplifiers are among the smallest in their class, yet each model boasts high power and maximum efficiency for years of impeccable, trouble-free performance. Each one includes band pass filters to optimize active speaker installations, and the two multichannel models are bridgeable as well.

The new PA series of digital amplifiers includes four high performance models, including:

  • Two-channel PA D200.2, featuring150 x 2 output @ 4 ohms; 275 x @2 ohms (SRP: $279)
  • Four-channel PA D4000.4, featuring 125 x 4 @4 ohms; 200 x 4 @2 ohms (SRP: $389)
  • Mono PA D1000.1, featuring 550 x 1 @4 ohms; 1000 x 1 @2 ohms (SRP: $389)
  • Five-channel PA D5000.5, featuring 70 x 4.380 x 1 @4 ohms; 115 x 4.400 x 1 @2 ohms (SRP: $499)

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