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Apr 8, 2014

Pioneer Introduces Three ib-Flat Shallow Subwoofers

Pioneer today introduced the TS-W3002S4 12-inch, TS-SW2502S4 10-inch, and TS-SW2002D2 8-inch ib-Flat shallow subwoofers, designed for small enclosures and limited depth applications while still producing strong musical bass output. Pioneer’s fourth generation shallow subwoofers are completely re-engineered to provide increased output, higher power handling, higher sensitivity, more installation flexibility, and improved cosmetics.

Designed especially for consumers who want to add more of the critical bass frequencies in the bottom three octaves (20Hz-160Hz) but do not have the room or desire to install a traditional large subwoofer enclosure in their vehicles, Pioneer’s next generation ib-Flat shallow subwoofers have a mounting depth of less than 3.25-inches and require only a small enclosure to reach their optimum performance. The line of subwoofers feature:

  • Convex Oversized Mica Reinforced IMPP Cone – The ib-Flat woofers use a highly rigid, convex shaped cone structure made with mica reinforced injection-molded polypropylene (IMPP) resin to create an extremely stiff and durable cone while reducing the moving mass.
  • Dual Spider Suspension – The fourth generation ib-Flat models use a dual spider suspension design to control the linearity of the voice coil structure. Dual spiders provide symmetrical and better controlled movement of the voice coil/cone, significantly increasing sound quality, power handling, and reliability.
  • 4-Layer Voice Coil – A 4-layer, heat resistant polyester resin voice coil helps dissipate heat quickly resulting in higher power handling.
  • Original Equipment (OEM) Applications – The 8-inch sized TS-SW2002D2 is outfitted with an outer basket stamped with a variety of mounting holes designed for drop-in replacement of the original equipment subwoofer in select domestic and foreign vehicles.
Pioneer TS-W3002S4

Pioneer TS-W3002S4

Pioneer also offers four unloaded sealed enclosures designed specifically for the ib-Flat subwoofers in both traditional and truck style designs, plus a single preloaded enclosure. The enclosure line includes the UD-SW300D (12-inch unloaded), UD-SW250D (10-inch unloaded), UD-SW200D (8-inch unloaded), UD-SW250T (10-inch unloaded truck style), and the TS-SWX2502 (10-inch preloaded with a TS-SW2502S4 ib-Flat woofer). The enclosures range in internal air volume from.15- to.5-cubic feet, factory designed to provide the maximum performance with each subwoofer.

Pricing And Availability

The Pioneer ib-Flat subwoofers are now available with suggested prices of $180 (TS-W3002S4), $160 (TS-SW2502S4) and $140 (TS-SW2002D2).

The Pioneer ib-Flat subwoofer enclosures are now available for suggested prices of $100 (UD-SW300D), $80 (UD-SW250D), $60 (UD-SW200D), $80 (UD-SW250T) and $200 (TS-SWX2502).

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