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Jul 22, 2012

"Blue Magic" - The Legendary Speaker Series From Blaupunkt

Back in the 1980s, Blaupunkt launched its first car audio speakers under the name "Blue Magic", a line that was further developed and produced into the 1990s. This widely-acclaimed series stands for innovation, quality and good sound. Now the successor of this legendary speaker series is coming onto the market. The new "Blue Magic" design stands out with high-quality magnet covers, additional vent openings for the voice coil, striking 6-head screws and inlaid metal grills as speaker covers. What's more, Blaupunkt is launching a new range of active subwoofers with Class D amplifiers.

In the new "Blue Magic" speaker series, Blaupunkt is offering a total of eight different models in five sizes, ranging in diameter from 100 to 165 millimeters or 6 x 9 inches (on the "QL 690"). This winning combination includes the "CL 100" 2-way coaxial speakers, the "TL 130", "TL 160", "TL 170" 3-way triaxial speakers, the "QL 690" 4-way triaxial speaker and the "CX 160" and "CX 170" 2-way component speakers, on which the chassis of the mid-bass drivers and tweeters are installed separately for sound optimization - or based on the installation scenario. The speakers offer nominal power handling (RMS) from 35 to 67 watts, with maximum power handling from 155 to 300 watts and 3-ohm impedance for improved sound.

Blaupunkt TL 170

Blaupunkt TL 170

The new design is stunning. The high-quality membrane made of injected PP in chic/trendy blue shimmers through the metal grill of the mid-range woofers. The magnet covers are made of matt-gloss rubber. The additional vent openings offer a glimpse of the voice coil made of copper wire. But those additional vent slits in the speaker frame are not merely an eye-catcher, they also ensure optimum cooling of the voice coil.

To facilitate installation, the delivery contents always include the speakers, design covers, mounting screws, user and installation manual as well as a drill template. The new "Blue Magic" speaker series from Blaupunkt is now available at dealers. What's more, the speakers can be had starting at 49 Euros. A new range of active subwoofers is coming soon.

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